Monday, 9 September 2013

Ada blogger hentam Tun Faisal.. APA lu ada dengar kah????

Dulu there is the blogger who say I dont support Najib. This blogger support Tun Faisal. I also support Tun Faisal. Then there is other blogger who whack Tun Faisal.

I reproduce here.

"Or does he expects BN to rely on the likes of Tun Faisal and his cybertroopers?"
Link is here

So now that first blogger who support Tun Faisal but say I anti Najib how?

See I backup Tun Faisal maximum at the second blogger blog.

Makcik Annie,
What is wrong with Tun Faisal? He runs a tight ship and his bloggers such as APA are ranked very highly. He is a loyal party man.

Perhaps you should apologise to him.

Thank You and Have a nice day.

I simple. You hentam I sokong. You sokong I hentam.

So APA must now apologise for saying I dont support Najib.

Of course I support Najib.  1Malaysia, BRIM, RM 1 trillion debt - what is there not to support.

Beware of Greeks, even when they bear gifts.

PS: Kampong Man. I tweet Zahid Hamidi. Tell him rakyat need him to stand Timbalan Presiden UMNO. If not we very scared of Gengster.

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