Saturday, 7 September 2013

Zahid to go for Number 2. Asta la vista TSMY

Its almost certain now that Home Minister Dato Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi will go for the Number 2 slot, following which he will be in pole position to take over from Dato Seri Najib as UMNO President and Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Zahid's popularity has soared on recent months as TSMY's influence has waned on account of his lack of leadership qualities. In contrast, Dato Seri Zahid single handedly won the praise of both UMNO and Non-UMNO citizens with his zero tolerance against subversive elements such as the New Village cineman producers and the Indian Gangsters.

This will mark a major milestone in the political career of the ex one time UMNO Youth Head who was detained by Dr Mahathir's regime in 1998 after the sacking of Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim. Many people had written off Dato Seri Zahid and thought that his days were over. In fact, even so far as during Pak Lah's reign, Dato Seri Zahid was still considered a rank outsider and not part of the inner power base.

But this changed soon after Dato Seri Najib took over from Pak Lah. Dato Seri Zahid was elevated to the position of Minister of Defence and single handedly battled the Sulu army who had threatened to annex Sabah on behalf of the Sultan of Sulu.  He was rewarded for his bravery by being promoted to Minister of Home Affairs where he oversees a vast empire including the police, the RELA and the immigration.

Whereas his predecessor, Dato Seri Hishamuddin was known as Menteri Amaran and basically presided over the biggest increase in crime rates in Malaysia's history, Dato Seri Zahid was a man who brooks no nonsense. He gave the police a free hand to conduct  massive operations against the evil Indian gangsters and was unafraid to ruffle more than a few liberal feathers by banning the Chauvinistic film New Village. As a result, the Indian gangster threat is now receding and the New Village backers and financiers are sitting on well deserved losses.

As a Deputy Prime Minister, Dato Seri Zahid Hamidi will accomplish the dream of many by having a person with a strong backbone in the Government. Dato Seri Zahid Hamidi will also accomplish the dreams of many who want to see an end to Dr Mahathir's influence in Government and will not tolerate nonsense from that old man. In contrast, the current occupier of the seat, Tan Sri Muhiyiddin Yassin is seen as a "budak suruhan" to Dr Mahathir and is incapable of forming any independent opinion or thought process.

Dato Seri Zahid Hamidi has already got the green light from Dato Seri Najib to do Tan Sri Muhiyiddin in. After all, TSMY has failed to pledge loyalty to the President and to kiss his hand and the hand of first lady in act of respect and deference. Instead, he has allowed pro Dr Mahathir to insult the image of YAB PM and YAB First Lady by creating a super-imposed picture of YAB PM over YAB First Lady. This was deemed as an ultimate insult to the President and should have been criticised by TSMY and the blogger arrested for sedition. For this insult, TSMY is now seen to have to pay the price.


Kampong man said...

There you start it again POP.There is no truth in your reporting bro Check you facts ok.


Kampong man said...

There you start it again POP.There is no truth in your reporting bro Check you facts ok.


Shadow Banker said...

Rombu Vanakam x 1000

Why DS Zahid? Why did u back out?

Aiyooyooo... Like that very difficult for my grand plan to take place.

Maybe still got chance..
Kita tengok nanti